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As a plumbing company in the Easton, Lehigh Valley area that has decades of combined experience, there are few things we haven’t seen. In other words, nothing scares us anymore! Our expert plumbers will diagnose and treat problems early on so that your home is left with minimal to no lasting damage.

  • Whole House Re-Piping

  • Drain cleaning

  • Sump pumps

  • Water heater repairs

  • Sewer drain cleaning

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Gas line installation and repair


4 Reasons to Call Your Plumber

  1. Low Water Pressure - Finding the cause to low water pressure is not as easy as it sounds. Attempting this fix could easily damage your pipes or sewer system - leave it to the pros who know how to pin-point this issue and fix it safely.

  2. Burst Pipes - The longer it takes to repair a burst pipe properly, the more vulnerable your home is to water damage caused by this issue. Locating and properly fixing this issue is no easy task and you can easily cause more harm to your pipes on your own.

  3. Troubles with Hot Water - This may be due to a faulty or broken hot water heater. It could be a simple part fix or complete replacement but regardless it is dangerous to tamper with a water heater without professional training.

  4. Regular Pipe Blockage - This is a sign of a blocked sewer line which could be cause by a myriad of different things. Attempting this fix on your own could damage your sewer lines to the point of total replacement.

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